Dyesol opens 3rd gen cell manufacturing facility



Dyesol, the Australian owned company that makes Dye Solar Cells (DSC), has officially opened its new manufacturing facilities in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia. This facility will enable Dyesol to fast track its commercialisation strategy. 

Speaking at the opening, Dyesol’s Global Managing Director Dr. Gavin Tulloch said, “Dyesol will continue to be part of technical collaborations and business partnerships in those countries where companies, research institutes and governments recognise and foster an environment that promotes the rapid commercialisation of DSC technology.

“Fortunately for Dyesol, DSC is the only third generation technology ready to be scaled up,” Dr Tulloch added.

In addition to the opening of new facilities in Queanbeyan today, new facilities in Wales will be officially opened later this month.  The Welsh facility will help support the Dyesol/Corus collaboration that has also been awarded an assistance package by the Welsh Assembly Government, to accelerate the commercialisation of DSC technology onto steel sheeting.  Corus is the world’s fifth largest steel producer.

Dyesol Italia srl recently announced it would partner with Italian utilities giant ERG Renew and the world’s leading façade company, Permasteelisa to develop and commercialise next generation solar panels for buildings.

Similarly, Dyesol has established a joint venture company with Timo Technology in Korea (called Dyesol-Timo) to commercialise DSC products in in Seong Nam city in Gyeonggi province.
Dyesol’s Dye Solar Cell (DSC) technology is sometimes called artificial photosynthesis because it uses a dye analogous to chlorophyll to capture the energy from light, releasing electrons that are captured and conducted as electricity in a nanoparticulate titanium dioxide layer.  Dyesol is the leading supplier of all the input materials, test, and manufacturing equipment and related technology to leading research institutes, developers, and major corporates moving to the manufacture of 3rd generation DSC solar panels.

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