The Indian state of Odisha plans to set up solar energy projects in 198 villages as part of India’s rural electrification programme.

The Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) has invited tenders from PV system suppliers and manufacturers to install, supply, commission or maintain solar PV power plants in the 198 selected villages in Odisha.

The tenders will include fitting street light systems, indoor wiring and fitting home lighting systems.

India's ongoing rural electrification programme now has a live app showing how many villages are being electrified on a daily basis. Energy minister Piyush Goyal and prime minister Narendra Modi made it a priority to bring power to all the remaining 18,452 villages without electricity within 1,000 days of independence day in India (15 August). Goyal recently said his officials are now planning to achieve this target within 720 days instead.

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