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Credit: NTPC

Softbank's joint venture, SBG Cleantech has caught the eye by submitting a technical bid for the full 2GW capacity available in an Interstate Transmission System (ISTS)-connected solar tender from Indian state-run utility NTPC.

The tender has been also oversubscribed three-fold with 6.2GW of technical bid submissions.

The final list of participants was as follows:

  1. SBG Cleantech – 2,000MW
  2. Acme – 600MW
  3. ReNew – 500MW
  4. Adani – 500MW
  5. Shapoorji – 500MW
  6. Avaada – 300MW
  7. Azure – 300MW
  8. Sprng – 300MW
  9. Tata Power – 250MW
  10. Alfanar – 250MW
  11. Mahindra – 250MW
  12. Aditya Birla – 200MW
  13. HFE – 200MW
  14. Orange – 50MW

Indian solar tariffs matched their lowest ever in the most recent 2GW ISTS-connected auction from Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), hitting INR2.44/kWh (US$0.036) for the first time since May 2017, and with much of the capacity expected to be set up in Rajasthan.

Meanwhile, a 200MW tender in Odisha, one of the first to include a pass-through option in case of change in law, was also heavily oversubscribed.

Winning bids in the latest solar auction in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh ranged between INR 2.70-2.71/kWh (US$0.0391-0.0394/kWh).

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