Tariff Roof-Top Ground-Based BIPV Term
2007 $0.2837 $0.2837 $0.2837 10
2009 $0.2783 $0.2783 $0.2783 10
2010 $0.2297 $0.2297 $0.2297 10
2013 6.96THB - 6.16THB 25

In 2013 a dealine for PV rooftop installations was announced and then extended, to December 2013. The rates are 0-10kW is 6.96THB per kWh, for 10kW-450kW the tariff is 6.555THB and for 450kW-1MW installations the rate is 6.16THB per kWh fed into the grid, for 25 a period of years. There are no plans to replace the FiT for rooftop solar after December 2013, and utility tariffs have yet to be announced.

Thailand was one of the first Asian countries with a comprehensive feed-in tariff, or adder, program. It enacted a 15-year Renewable Energy Development Plan (REDP) in 2009, setting the target to increase its renewable energy share to 20% of final energy consumption of the country by 2022.

The FiT has been in place for six years and gone through successive phases of adjustment, in response to higher-than predicted response by industry in the form of applications submitted for interconnection.

Solar PV systems are eligible for a FiT for a period of 10 years. The original THB8 per kWh (US$0.26) was reduced to THB6.5 (US$0.21) for those projects not approved before June 28, 2010. The original cap of 500MW was increased to 2GW at the beginning of 2012 due to high over-subscription.