Kipp & Zonen acquire Black Photon’s AirShield for pyrheliometers

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Kipp & Zonen's pyrheliometers will now be able to measure irradiation in dry and dusty environments. Credit: Kipp & Zonen

Solar radiation measurement solutions provider Kipp & Zonen has acquired Black Photon Instruments’ AirShield DNI for use in its pyrheliometers in dry and dusty environments.

Kipp & Zonen now has the exclusive rights to manufacture its pyrheliometers, which are instruments that measure direct beam solar irradiance, while offering a new accessory that reduces soiling of the instrument optical window.

Black Photon, a spin-off of from Fraunhofer ISE, developed its AirShield solution for using solar sensors in dusty environments in Oman in 2014.

The AirShield protects the window of a pyrheliometer from dust, dirt, sand and insects by creating a high-flow air barrier in front of the window. This “air knife” is created by blowing compressed and filtered air from the supply unit through a UV-resistant flexible hose to a special injection head that is easily fitted to the front of CHP1 and SHP1 Kipp & Zonen pyrheliometers.

As a result of this new airflow, cleaning intervals are extended, maintenance costs are reduced and the availability of good quality data is increased, according to a Kipp & Zonen release.

Kipp & Zonen is currently adapting the system to its quality processes and manufacturing standards. It’s pyrheliometers can now be used effectively alongside the AirShield in dry and dusty environments such as the MENA region as well as remote sites that are infrequently serviced.

Joachim Jaus, chief executive of Black Photon Instruments, said: “We're very excited to transfer the AirShield technology to Kipp & Zonen, the market leader in solar radiation measurement. This opens up new dimensions for the technology and helps Kipp & Zonen customers to achieve better measurement with less maintenance costs.”

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