LONGi toasts new p-type TOPCon and commercial heterojunction cell efficiency records


Cell production at a LONGi facility. Image: LONGi.

Solar cell efficiency records have continued to fall after LONGi toasted breakthroughs in both high-efficiency p-type solar cells and commercial heterojunction (HJ) cells.

LONGi revealed today that its Cell R&D Center had achieved a new record cell efficiency of a p-type monocrystalline bifacial TOPCon solar cell of 25.02%, the first time a p-type cell had recorded a conversion efficiency in excess of 25%.

The record was validated by the Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH) in Hamelin, Germany, which also confirmed LONGi’s record for its commercial-sized monocrystalline HJ solar cell produced by LONGi’s New Technology R&D Center.

The HJ solar cell reached a conversion efficiency of 25.26% during testing, a performance which LONGi said placed it “at the forefront of HJT-related technology”.

Meanwhile the solar cell and module manufacturer also celebrated sizeable gains in the conversion efficiency of its n-type TOPCon solar cell, which rose from the 25.09% recorded in April to 25.21%. It does, however, fall just short of the 25.25% conversion efficiency recorded by JinkoSolar and revealed yesterday.

“With the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves, our approach is to stay close to the essence of technology by selecting the best technical route, maximizing product performance potential and proactively ushering in the changes needed to achieve the technical transformation,” Li Hua, vice president and head of LONGi’s Cell R&D Center, said.

14 March 2023
PV CellTech will be return to Berlin on 14-15 March 2023 and looking at the competing technologies and roadmaps for PV cell mass production during 2024-2026.

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