Nuon to develop 70MW worth of solar installations at wind projects in the Netherlands


The six solar projects will be developed alongside wind projects across the Netherlands. Image: Kate Ausburn / Flickr

Nuon, the Dutch subsidiary of energy company Vattenfall, announced earlier this month that it is planning to add a 70MW portfolio of solar projects at six windfarms located across the country.

In total, the solar projects will be comprised of over 250,000 solar panels.

Back in 2015, Vattenfall installed a pilot PV project at the Parc Cynog Wind Farm in Wales. After seeing the results of the pilot — which provides approximately a quarter of the energy for the wind turbines — Nuon went ahead with the development of the six new solar sites.

Diederik Apotheker, team leader at Nuon Solar Energy, noted: “When the wind blows hard, there is less sun, and if there is a lot of sun it is usually less windy. Another plus is that we are already well known in the areas where we want to realize the solar parks.”

Nuon aims to develop the six PV projects in Eemshaven, Hemweg, Velsen, Wieringermeer Oudendijk and Haringvliet. The largest solar plant is planned for Wieringermeerpolder, where a wind farm is already under construction.

Margit Deimel, head of development at Nuon Wind, added: “Nuon continues growth in CO2 free energy sources. Along with wind, widespread use of solar energy is indispensable to the energy transition. “By combining wind farms in a cost effective manner with solar, we make optimum use of the opportunities.”

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