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Solar rooftop mounting solutions provider Esdec has launched its first product into the US market, offering its ‘FlatFix’ system, a lightweight, clickable solar mounting system for flat roofs. Featuring a 20-year warranty and UL certification, FlatFix’s innovative design enables rapid assembly, allowing commercial installers to significantly reduce installation times compared to other systems in the market.


Maximizing PV systems on commercial and industrial flat roof space can be problematic due to limitations in orientation through to mounting system design. A flexible ballasted non penetrating system that can be oriented in a traditional south-facing direction or in a dual-tilt orientation is often required. 


The FlatFix system is said to guarantee the use all common solar panels on any flat roof. The lightweight system exerts less of a load on the roof, is quick to mount thanks to the handy click-fit connectors, and has a unique thermal decoupling. FlatFix’s racking components, including bonding straps, are assembled by snapping into a locked position without the need for tools. The rails click together easily and quickly to form an interconnected, solid structure. Complete module installation requires just one tool and minimal parts, while power optimizers can be attached via snap-on clips in a matter of seconds.

Flat roof commercial and industrial.


Using self-levelling baseplates, FlatFix is available with ballasted and hybrid attachment options. The flexible system can be oriented in a traditional south-facing direction or in a dual-tilt orientation. FlatFix’s materials and design compensate for thermal effects, reducing potential heat-induced degradation of the PV modules and protecting the integrity of the roof. The system comes with a 20-year warranty and UL certification.


In the US from September 2018, onwards. 

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