SMA, TenneT to partner up in order to develop stronger feed-in projections

As a result of the deal, TenneT can generate more realistic projections of the level of fed-in solar in the TenneT control area. Image: SMA

SMA Solar Technology AG and transmission grid operator TenneT have signed off on a contract for the provision of current performance data from PV systems.

The goal of the agreement is to better integrate PV energy into the utility grid. By utilising data provided by SMA, TenneT can produce more realistic projections of the level of fed-in solar in the TenneT control area.

Pierre-Pascal Urbon, SMA chief executive officer, said: “Following the pioneering technological work involved in generating sufficient volumes of renewable energy cost-efficiently, the next step is the digitalization of the energy industry.

“The ability to provide accurate production and consumption data is a key element of the decentralized and renewable energy supply of the future. In this system, the data ensures that a safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity supply is available at all times. The partnership between SMA and TenneT is therefore an important step on the road toward a new energy world.”

Urban Keussen, chairman of the managing board at TenneT TSO GmbH, said: “With the rapidly growing share of renewable energies in power generation, decentralized and real-time data about the generation of green energy is becoming increasingly important.

“We can use this data to make much more reliable predictions about the feed-in of renewable energies. This helps us operate the utility grid reliably and economically, even with an increasing proportion of fluctuating green energy. The partnership between TenneT and SMA is the first of its kind in Germany. For the first time ever, a transmission grid operator can now receive solar power generation data directly. This partnership is therefore an important milestone in the digitalization of the energy industry.”

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