Growatt offers scalable off-grid inverters compatible with battery technology

SPF3000/5000 off-grid inverters have two built-in MPPT for higher yields and are compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion battery technology. Image: Growatt

Growatt has combined a unique technology and design concept into the Growatt SPF3000/5000 series to provide power independently and cost-effectively in off-grid and self consumption applications. 


The main use of off-grid solar PV systems is in places where the grid may not be available or is unstable such as rural regions of Africa.  Off-grid solar systems are also very useful in applications like street lights and street signage where the grid might be in proximity but it is more convenient and cost-effective to have a standalone or off-grid system. On isolated islands, the off-grid storage system, a green and affordable renewable energy, is an obvious solution for residential and light commercial applications that replace diesel generators.


SPF3000/5000 off-grid inverters have two built-in MPPT for higher yields and are compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion battery technology that supports utility grid and generator voltage input. Source priority to charge batteries and power loads are also programmable. Thanks to its design, SPF3000/5000 is scalable and can be wired in parallel up to 6 units, that enables flexibility for a wide variety of applications and is suitable for single phase and three phase systems. Charging power can be increased by adding an expansion charge controller unit.


A wide variety of off-grid applications and is compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion battery technology. The SPF3000/5000 off-grid inverters can also be used as back-up power in industrial applications.


The inverters come with local GUI LCD and a compact size and low weight (12.5kg). Dual MPPT and the ability to add an MPPT charge controller can double PV input power for larger energy storage requirements. 


March, 2017 onwards.

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