Ingeteam launches its new 100 kW three-phase string inverter for offers higher power density


In addition to its high power density, the INGECON SUN 100TL main features include its high maximum efficiency (98.8%). Image: Ingeteam

Ingeteam has launched its new PV string inverter, which will make it possible to achieve a power output of 100kWAC in a single, 75kg unit. This new three-phase inverter comes under the name ‘INGECON SUN 100TL’, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations and is primarily directed at commercial, industrial and large-scale projects.


PV installers are seeking to drastically reduce the total number of inverters required for a PV power plant as part of BOS (Balance of System) cost reduction strategies. New string inverters can eliminate the use of combiner boxes (either in DC or AC sides), and it can enable up to a 20% cost reduction in AC cabling as new inverters do not require a neutral wire.


INGECON SUN 100TL main advantage over other models on the market lies in its significant cost savings potential, given the fact that its high power density means that it is possible to drastically reduce the number of inverters to be installed and, therefore, the total amount of cabling. Furthermore, no combiner boxes are required (either in DC or AC) and neither is a neutral cable necessary, thereby reducing the total AC cabling cost by up to 20%. All this leads to huge reductions in capital expenditures (capex). The inverter also has lower operating costs, thanks to the wireless communication which permits the startup, monitoring and control of the PV system through a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Furthermore, its string inverter philosophy guarantees minimum possible maintenance requirements, with no need to vacuum the inverter interior or to check the state of the fuses, the thermal magnetic breaker or torque.


Indoor and outdoor installations directed at commercial, industrial and large-scale PV projects.


In addition to its high power density, the INGECON SUN 100TL main features include its high maximum efficiency (98.8%), Wi-Fi and Ethernet communications supplied as standard, maximum DC input voltage of up to 1,100 VDC and advanced grid support functionalities, with a low-voltage ride-through capability and reactive power capability. It is also suitable for three-phase self-consumption systems, with or without the injection of excess energy into the public grid. Two different models for this PV inverter (STD and PRO) are available in order to adapt to its customers' needs and to the technical requirements of as many projects as possible. The 3Play family models available up to now, with output powers ranging from 10 to 40 kW, are already installed in many countries.


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