LONGi to strengthen portfolio with launch of new 530W Hi-MO 5 module


Image: LONGi.

World leading solar company LONGi announced today that it will release its next product, the Hi-MO 5 module, at the end of May.

Module output of the HI-Mo 5 will reach 530W and efficiency will exceed 21.0%.

The Hi-MO 5 will superimpose 9 busbar and half-cut cell technologies onto a mono PERC base. The wafer size will take the same direction as the industry trend towards larger formats, such as with upcoming new products by Jinko and JA Solar. Although neither of these companies has officially unveiled its new module offering, the apparent unanimous approach of the three solar giants in this aspect has surprised the industry.

“Too many options on size will certainly confuse clients and their partners. We have strong reasons to promote an industry standard to create true value for clients,” Dennis She, senior vice president of LONGi Solar, told PV Tech during an exclusive interview. “From an early stage, LONGi has been actively in contact with the industry’s leading companies and key suppliers, sharing our methodology and findings, and now we are extremely excited at how we are all aligned with each other.”

It was revealed that manufacturing of Hi-MO 5 will begin from the end of August this year, with a capacity of 10GW.

Dennis She continued: “The overriding purpose of LONGi innovations is to bring to the industry more advanced technology on a mass-production scale. We truly believe that only this kind of technology can deliver absolute value to clients. If a brand new product is impossible to mass produce, then it is meaningless. For the present, LONGi will be the first company to achieve mass-production of its most innovative products”

Over the years, LONGi has invested significantly in the R&D of cells and modules, continuously leading the industry's technological progress and setting product standards, while promoting PERC technology. The company’s high-efficiency Hi-MO series modules are deployed and continue to be specified in many large-scale solar projects around the world.

The upcoming Hi-MO 5 product will mainly be deployed in ‘ultra large-scale’ solar plants and will bring lower LCOE. Dennis She continued: “All LONGi innovations are centered on customer value, and each product has been carefully considered and rigorously reasoned. We started to develop this new generation module product when we launched the 166-size Hi-MO 4 version last year.

“We have been planning the Hi-MO 5 for six months. It does not replace the Hi-MO4 – it complements, completes and strengthens the LONGi product portfolio for the specific needs of every PV application.”

In 2019, LONGi’s production capacity for monocrystalline modules reached 14GW. According to the company’s stated plans, production capacity is expected to exceed 30GW by the end of 2020. The Hi-MO 4 series modules will account for 90% of total shipments this year, with the forecast for 2021 indicating that Hi-MO 5 will represent 30%, with Hi-MO 4 taking up the 70% shipment balance. 

Over the years, LONGi has achieved many innovations in cell and module technology, continuously setting new power and conversion efficiency records. The company is also ambitious in terms of product shipments, building on the potential to at least match the industry’s other main players in this area.

Customs export data for April 2020 ranks LONGi within the top three companies in import and export lists for the first time with 580MW of global shipments, behind only Jinko and JA Solar.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased competition between the top five module manufacturers, with Trina, Jinko, Risen and JA Solar each launching high-power products. Module power has rapidly crossed the 500W threshold and is now heading for the era of 600W.

“LONGi has promoted high-power products from very early on in the industry and we always insist that all must have mass production value. Before engaging in the R&D of any product, we will carry out exhaustive investigation and research. Taking 166 size products as an example, LONGi has basically been ahead of its peers for half a year, and we are currently developing and producing modules with much higher power,” Dennis She said.

14 March 2023
PV CellTech will be return to Berlin on 14-15 March 2023 and looking at the competing technologies and roadmaps for PV cell mass production during 2024-2026.

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