Maxeon launches SunPower One home energy solution, ‘eager’ for new product partnerships


Maxeon’s SunPower One is designed to proactively advise homeowners on strategies to reduce their energy consumption. Image: Maxeon Solar Technologies

Maxeon Solar Technologies has released its SunPower One integrated home energy solution, designed to proactively advise homeowners on ways to optimise their energy usage.

The system aims to allow users greater control over their domestic energy consumption by learning about a homeowner’s pattern of electricity consumption and then suggesting strategies to reduce energy bills.

For example, Maxeon said SunPower One can identify ‘always on’ devices in the home that are worth switching off to reduce energy consumption during periods of high electricity prices.

“It can also expose malfunctioning appliances that may need a repair or replacement based on their abnormal electricity signals,” the Singapore-headquartered company said.

CEO of Maxeon, Jeff Waters, said SunPower One would “revolutionise the consumer experience” and keep homeowners “informed with actionable energy insights within their household, helping make their homes more efficient and more sustainable”.  

Maxeon said SunPower One had the potential, when paired with certain products, to enable “smart use cases that increase self-consumption”, such as charging an electric vehicle (EV) with excess solar production and running dishwashers or heating and cooling systems at optimal times.

At first, SunPower One will be exclusively packaged with Maxeon’s new SunPower Reserve all-in-one storage offering but, over the course of the year, the company has plans to grow system compatibility to incorporate additional products in categories like EV charging, as well as software integrations and value-added services.  

“SunPower One’s open and flexible ecosystem will grow over time,” said Maxeon chief product officer Ralf Elias. “We are eager to welcome new partnerships with category leaders across the industry that will help empower our end-customers to drive more energy savings.”

Furthermore, SunPower one will provide an installer-specific digital environment to facilitate the sales and installation of the solution. Maxeon said that under one account installers will have access to quoting and design tools, marketing and training support and automated digital processes to simplify the experience.

The solution will be available to installers and end users in Australia in Q3 2022 and will be rolled out to other global markets, except for the US and Canada, during the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

In related news, Maxeon and Canadian Solar have settled an agreement on a patent infringement lawsuit in Japan that will see Canadian Solar withdraw any challenges to Maxeon’s patent on shingled solar cell modules and cease to sell shingled solar cell modules in Japan until the second quarter of 2025.

The company said it was close to a “transformed Maxeon Solar Technologies” in its Q3 2021 financial results after it addressed its logistical failures, experienced strong demand for its products and landed a supply contract with US residential installer SunPower following a difficult 2021.  

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