327 MW Solar Power Plant in Blythe, California. Credit: NEXTracker

327 MW Solar Power Plant in Blythe, California. Credit: NEXTracker

NEXTracker, a Flex company, has become the first company to reach 10GW of solar tracker sales globally.

This is a remarkable feat given that the firm only hit 3GW of single-axis tracker shipments in April 2016. The firm has sold products to projects on five continents and has been the PV tracker market share leader for two consecutive years, according to GTM Research.

"Over the last few years, we doubled down on commercializing next-generation yield improving technologies, completed rigorous component and system reliability testing, and expanded our global services to deliver on our brand promise of advancing the power plant of the future," said NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar. "We have strengthened the company by globally diversifying our supply chain and building demand on five continents. We listened carefully to customer suggestions and incorporated their feedback into the product, resulting in extremely fast installation." 

Earlier this year, the firm launched ‘TrueCapture’, a first-of-its-kind intelligent, self-adjusting tracker control system for solar power plants. TrueCapture’s technology is designed to continuously refine the tracking algorithm of each individual solar array in response to existing site and weather conditions. The company has even launched a solar plus energy-storage solution, the ‘NX Fusion Plus’, that integrates the latest in solar tracker design, battery, inverter, and software. A NEXTracker representative told Energy-Storage.News earlier this year that the company is targeting 15MW of energy storage sales per week.

NEXTracker noted that its flagship single-axis solar tracker, the NX Horizon, made for ground-mounted solar power systems, can be manufactured at 175MW per week.

The use of trackers has proliferated around the round in recent years. Indeed, NEXTracker hit 1GW of tracker sales just in India mid-way through this year. NEXTracker was acquired by Flextronics in 2015 for over US$300 million.

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