Saudi Arabia’s Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA) has approved a net metering scheme that will allow self-consumption and export to the grid.

Eligible PV systems up to 2MW in size will have exported power offset against consumption with a cash pay off for any differential. The rules will come into force from July 2018.

An earlier draft of the regaltions had set a maximum system size of 1MW, a minimum of 1kW and an aggregate quota of 5MW in any single electrical distribution area, or 3% of that area’s peak load.

As the country looks to diversify its economy and maximise oil revenues that have been slashed by falling global prices, electricity prices have been raised by the state power provider. Sharper tariffs have helped boost the attractiveness of smaller PV systems.

Pre-qualified, registered installers must carry out the work in order for the system to be eligible. 

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