Q CELLS’ ‘most powerful solar module ever’ now available in Europe


Q CELLS’ new Q.PEAK DUO XL-G10 module with a “zero-gap cell layout”. Image: Q CELLS

Module manufacturer and energy solutions company Q CELLS has begun selling its new Q.Peak DUO-G10 panel in Europe, which the company said is its “most powerful solar module ever”.

Unveiled in May last year, the module builds on its predecessor – Q.Peak DUO-G9 – but is the first module from the company based on M6 wafers.

For large-scale ground-mounted projects, the 156-half cell Q.Peak DUO XL-G10 module has an output of 495W. When it comes to rooftop installations, Q CELLS is offering the 132-half cell Q.Peak DUO ML-G10 panel, which has an output of 415W.

Q CELLS said that both module types “provide exceptional efficiencies of 20.9% and 21.6% respectively thanks to Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology, which arranges the module in a zero-gap cell layout”.

“With higher yield per surface area, the Q.PEAK DUO-G10 series helps to further lower BOS costs for the customer while delivering industry-leading performance and reliability,” it added.

The black version of the G10 series – the Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G10 – is expected to be available across Europe in the second half of this year.

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