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JA Solar confirms all PV module series meet PID testing IEC62804 standard

JA Solar said its high-performance solar power product portfolio of PV modules had passed the 96-hour Potential Induced Degradation (PID) resistance test.

‘Silicon Module Super League’ (SMSL) member JA Solar says its portfolio of PV modules have passed the 96-hour potential-induced degradation (PID) resistance test under the conditions of 85-degrees Celsius and 85% relative humidity at -1,000V of system voltage bias as required to meet the IEC62804 standard.

JA Solar said that it was the first PV module manufacturer to guarantee the capability of ‘double 85’ anti-PID for all of its PV modules.

"The advantage of JA's solar products is reflected not only in its core technology that features high performance and cost-effectiveness, but also in its reliability," said Dr. Wei Shan, chief technology officer of JA Solar. "To be able to pass 'double 85' anti-PID certifications for all our PV modules in mass production is a tremendous achievement in terms of JA Solar's ability to produce high-performance and highly reliable PV modules to meet the ever-growing demands for better solar products from our customers and project partners."

JA Solar had previously highlighted that its high-performance multicrystalline ‘RIECIUM’ modules had passed an extended 500-hour PID test conducted by TUV SUD with a degradation of less than 2%, while guaranteed to be able to sustain a doubled (192 hours) IEC62804 standard PID test and are certified by PI-Berlin and PVEL. 

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