Canadian Solar to begin TOPCon module mass production in Q1 2023


Canadian Solar modules at a project in Ontario. Image: Canadian Solar.

CSI Solar, the majority-owned subsidiary of PV manufacturer Canadian Solar, will commence mass production of high-efficiency n-type TOPCon solar modules from Q1 2023. The company said its TOPCon modules could reach up to 690W of power output.

The production will entail a diversified portfolio of TOPCon products to meet the needs of utility-scale, commercial and residential markets, including the 182mm cell-based bifacial TOPBiHiKu6 (555W-570W) and monofacial TOPHiKu6 (420W-575W) modules and the 210mm cell-based bifacial TOPBiHiKu7 (615W-690W) modules. Production of the 182mm cell modules will begin in Q1, and the 210mm cell modules in Q2 2023.

Canadian Solar said that its TOPCon modules offer a temperature coefficient as low as -0.30% per degree centigrade, meaning its modules will perform better under hot conditions. It also said that the power degradation of its TOPCon products was 1% after 2,000 hours of damp and heat testing, compared with 1.9% degradation for PERC products, and that its TOPCon modules experienced no boron-oxygen-related light-induced degradation.

The company claimed that its TOPCon modules offer a cell conversion efficiency of around 25%, and that they would increase energy yields for PV systems as well as lower levelised costs of electricity compared with PERC modules. Last month, JinkoSolar announced a ‘record’ 26.1% maximum efficiency for its 182mm TOPCon monocrystalline silicon cell.

Shawn Qu, chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar said: “We are pleased to start delivering our cutting-edge n-type TOPCon modules early next year. The TOPCon modules will become one of our featured products with higher energy yield, lower LCOE and longer performance warranty, compared to the mainstream products in the market.

“The TOPCon modules will solidify our competitiveness in terms of technology leadership and pricing power. We are committed to delivering more high efficiency and quality products to our customers, while contributing to combating climate change globally.”

The company recently announced that it would focus on TOPCon technology in the future, and expects the technology to account for 30% of its shipments in 2023. A recent US probe found that Canadian Solar had been circumventing US tariffs on solar imports from China through operations in Thailand.

Earlier this year, PV Tech Premium analysed solar research and development spending as the industry transitions from PERC to TOPCon technology.

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