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GCL System Integration established a fully automated module assembly production lab to test Industry 4.0 technologies. Image: GCL SI

GCL System Integration established a fully automated module assembly production lab to test Industry 4.0 technologies. Image: GCL SI

NOS Microsystems has developed an electronic software delivery (ESD) ecosystem called 'getPlus' that bridges the gap between automation provider and end user by seamlessly integrating into the industrial automation providers’ licensing structures and databases—SAP, Oracle etc…to monitor the status of machines so exact updates, and incompatibility issues are identified. The user-friendly tool helps factories make the transition to industry 4.0.


PV manufacturing is at the early stage of transitioning to advanced, highly automated and smart manufacturing operations with several small and large-scale pilot projects already operating to evaluate a suite of technologies. However, system integration gets complicated when you have hundreds or thousands of different systems of various ages cooperating with each other and at multiple locations in multiple countries.  


getPlus provides production-line maintenance monitoring through guaranteeing safe online delivery of entitled software and updates to clients no matter when and where they need it. Quick and secure updates support security, performance, and the overall lifespan of production machines and lets clients act before a defect causes costly downtime.  getPlus does all the work on both client and customer side. Can build entirely new system or upgrade existing environment including advanced customer dependencies and entitlements detection. getPlus links clients with their customer by connecting to suppliers’ current web interfaces. There, it provides an easy to use platform that automizes the updating process for customers. Upon software delivery, it generates a unique targeted sales point based on user data collected by the tiny titan. The end result ensures convenience, reduced support costs, superior life cycle maintenance of products, and revenue recognition right across the supply chain.


SAP, Oracle and cloud compatible: getPlus works seamlessly with all database systems, existing delivery system or cloud service.


The software delivery manager is lightweight at just 200kB (<1MB) on the client side, so small that it does not even require installation. It integrates into clients’ existing databases—SAP, Oracle, any all others—to establish ESD or enhance the ratio of existing ESD with easy, self-service access to software updates. Developed by cyber security and electronic download experts. Establishes a TLS-connection. Proof of delivery following download.

Availability: Currently available. 

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