With the solar PV industry currently going through an abrupt overcapacity cycle, and component prices fluctuating rapidly as a consequence, understanding exactly what this means for capacity utilization, expansions, upgrades and advanced technology market-share gains, is critical.

With the solar industry being segmented by end-markets that have barriers to supply - due to trade restrictions - overcapacity and oversupply is now impacting the supply-chain in different ways. For some manufacturers, utilization rates have declined to below 30% this quarter. For others however, capacity continues to be added and ramped up, with module shipment growth expected to continue during the second half of 2016.

Within this confusing mix, mono and multi wafer supply has become one of the fastest moving variables across the value-chain, with cell producers having to react to rapid wafer price declines for mono and multi, while at the same time assessing the most viable routes to upgrading cell lines to higher efficiency through methods such as PERC, Black Silicon, half-cut cell or bifacial module assembly.

The presentation by Dr. Colville will seek to explain the key drivers behind these issues, and will outline options on how this may evolve through to the end of 2017.

Findings will be supported by data and graphics from the forthcoming release of the PV Manufacturing & Technology Quarterly report in October 2016, and will pull upon the recent findings of the company's research activities to determine the topics that will be discussed at the PV CellTech event in Malaysia during March 2016.


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